Nyerguds has been recently working on a fork for the  CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe, the official open source map editor from Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection, using a previous fork from ^Rampstein (a.k.a. Rampastring).

Rampa's version originally included improved zoom levels; downsized menu graphics by a user-configurable factor so you can see more placeable object types at once on sub-4K monitors; tool windows remember their previous position, size, and other settings upon closing and re-opening them; replaced drop-downs with list boxes in object type selection dialogs to allow switching between objects with fewer clicks; fixed certain crashes.


Here are Nyerguds's words on his version:

I created an updated map editor.

So, as most people know, the map editor has some issues. The special waypoints in TD are wrong due to some misguided dev putting in 8 multiplayer waypoints, and there are a bunch of random errors and usability issues.

In September 2020, Rampastring took it upon himself to fix some of the most glaring issues, however, he soon stopped working on it, and on top of his fixes, his version also introduced a few serious problems.

I've finally decided to continue this project, and have added a bunch of my own fixes on top of what Rampa built.

So, without further ado, I present the C&C Remastered map editor, v1.4.0.0:


Full list of my added changes:

   Fixed Overlay height overflow bug in Rampa's new UI.
   Fixed tiles list duplicating every time the "Map" tool window is opened in Rampa's version.
   Split off internal Overlay type "decoration", used for pavements and civilian buildings.
   Added CONC and ROAD pavement. They have no graphics, but at least now they are accepted by the editor and not discarded as errors.
   Sorted all items in the lists (except map tiles) by key, which is usually a lot more straightforward.
   Split off specific separate list for techno types (units/infantry/aircraft/...) usable in teamtypes.
   Removed the Aircraft from the placeable units in TD.
   Removed irrelevant orders from the unit missions list (Selling, Missile, etc.)
   Fixed case sensitivity related crashes in TD teamtypes.
   Triggers without a Teamtype will now automatically get "None" filled in as Teamtype, fixing the malfunctioning of their repeat status. (seems I forgot this on the list on Github)
   Added Ctrl-N, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+S etc shortcuts for the File menu.
   Fixed double indicator on map tile selection window.
   Fixed smudge reading in TD to allow 5 crater stages.
   Added tool window to adjust crater stage.
   Fixed Terrain objects not saving their trigger. Note that only "Attacked" triggers work on them.
   Red Alert "Spied by..." trigger event now shows the House to select.
   Added "Add" buttons in triggers and teamtypes dialogs.
   Fixed tab order in triggers and teamtypes dialogs.
   Fixed crash in "already exists" messages for triggers and teams.
   Randomised tiberium on save, like the original WW editor does. (This is purely cosmetic; the game randomises it on map load anyway)
   [EXPERIMENTAL] Added ability to place bibs. They won't show their full size in the editor at the moment, though, but they appear in-game as the full thing.

And, if this is not enough, he already moved into the version

New in this version:

   Added "All supported types (*.ini;*.bin;*.mpr)" as default filter when opening files.
   Added Drag & Drop support for opening map files.
   Added command line file argument support, which allows setting the editor as application for opening ini/mpr files.
   House Edge reading now corrects values with case differences so they show up in the dropdown.
   Centralised the House Edge array on the House class, and changed its order to a more logical North, East, South, West.
   Fixed order of the Multi-House colours. It seems the error is not in the editor, but in bizarre mixed-up team color names in the remastered game itself.
   Remapped Neutral (TD only) and Special as yellow, as they are in the game.
   All tool windows will now save their position.
   Tool windows for which no position was previously set will center themselves on the right edge of the editor.
   Some things, like crates, were missing names. This has been fixed.
   All objects except map tilesets will now show a real name and their internal code.
   Added ASCII restriction to trigger and teamtype names, since the map formats don't support UTF-8. (Except on the Briefing, apparently, since the GlyphX part handles that.)
   Made "Already exists" check on trigger and teamtype names case insensitive, since that is how the game handles them.
   Triggers and teamtypes dialogs have a new logic for generating names for new entries that should never run out.
   Triggers and teamtypes dialogs support the delete key for deleting an entry in the list.
   Triggers and teamtypes dialogs have "Rename" added to the context menu when right-clicking an item.
   Triggers and teamtypes dialogs now warn when cancelling if changes were made.
   "Add" button in triggers and teamtypes dialogs gets disabled when the internal maximum amount of items for the type is reached.
   Changed the default build level in TD maps from 99 to 98. Level 99 allows building illegal objects that can break the game.
   The Briefing text area will now accept [Enter] for adding line breaks without this closing the window. Previously, [Ctrl]+[Enter] had to be used for this, which is pretty awkward.
   The Briefing text area now has a scrollbar.
   Fixed placement of illegal tiles caused by incorrect filtering on which tiles from a template should be included. This is the problem which caused tiles that showed as black blocks in classic graphics. It is also the problem that made Red Alert maps contain indestructible bridges.
   Map tile placement can now be dragged, allowing easily filling an area with water or other tiles. This also works for removing tiles.
   Removing tiles will now obey the actual occupied cells of the selected tile, rather than just clearing the bounding box, making it more intuitive.
   Creating an RA trigger with Action "Text Trigger" will no longer cause an error to be shown.
   Trigger controls no longer jump around slightly when selecting different options.

Download the real deal at:

Post your constructive comments here to improve the tool or fork it here.

Phobos Build 29 is now available!
July 10, 2022 - 16:54
Hi everyone! Starkku has published a new version of Phobos called Phobos Build 29. For those who are not aware, Phobos extends the modding features from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and, unlike Ares, is completely open-source. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Phobos Build 29:

Phobos development build 29 is up! Changes compared to build 28:

Migration info:

  • Translucent RLE SHPs will now be drawn using a more precise and performant algorithm that has no green tint and banding. Can be disabled with rulesmd.ini->[General]->FixTransparencyBlitters=no.

  • Rad.NoOwner on weapons is deprecated. This has been replaced by RadHasOwner key on radiation types itself. It also defaults to no, so radiation once again has no owner house by default.


  • Passable & buildable-upon TerrainTypes (by Starkku)

  • Toggle for passengers to automatically change owner if transport owner changes (by Starkku)

  • Superweapon launch on warhead detonation (by Trsdy)

  • Correct owner house for Warhead Anim/SplashList & Play Animation trigger animations (by Starkku)

  • Customizable FLH When Infantry Is Crouched Or Deployed (by FS-21)

  • Enhanced projectile interception logic, including projectile strength & armor types (by Starkku)

  • Initial Strength for Cloned Infantry (by FS-21)

  • OpenTopped transport rangefinding & deactivated state customizations (by Starkku)

  • Animation damage/weapon improvements (by Starkku)

  • Warhead self-damaging toggle (by Starkku)

  • Trailer animations inheriting owner (by Starkku)

  • Warhead detonation on all objects on the map (by Starkku)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Anim owner is now set for warhead AnimList/SplashList anims and Play Anim at Waypoint trigger animations (by Starkku)

  • Fixed AI script action Deploy getting stuck with vehicles with DeploysInto if there was no space to deploy at the initial location (by Starkku)

  • Fixed Foundation=0x0 causing crashes if used on TerrainTypes.

  • Projectiles now remember the house of the firer even if the firer is destroyed before the projectile detonates. Does not currently apply to Ares-introduced Warhead effects (by Starkku)

  • Buildings now correctly use laser parameters set for Secondary weapons instead of reading them from Primary weapons (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles killed by damage dealt by a known house but without a known source TechnoType (f.ex animation warhead damage) to not be recorded as killed correctly and thus not spring map trigger events etc. (by Starkku)

  • Translucent RLE SHPs will now be drawn using a more precise and performant algorithm that has no green tint and banding (only applies to Z-aware drawing mode for now) (by Apollo)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed a potential cause of crashes concerning shield animations (such in conjunction with cloaking) (by Starkku)

  • Fixed interceptors intercepting projectiles fired by friendly objects if the said object died after firing the projectile (by Starkku)

  • Fixed interceptor weapons with Inviso=true projectiles detonating the projectile at wrong coordinates (by Starkku)

  • Fixed some possible configuration reading issues when using Phobos with patches that rename uimd.ini (by Belonit)

  • Fixed issues with building-provided self-healing that caused UnitsGainSelfHeal to heal buildings by default (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a crash caused by DeployFireWeapon=-1 (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed building placement preview drawing over bottom command bar (by Kerbiter)

  • Fixed vehicles being disallowed from force-firing on Grinding=true buildings (by Starkku)

  • Fixed waypoint mode bypassing Infantry/UnitAbsorb checks on Grinding=true buildings (by Starkku)

You can find more information about Phobos by visiting the Forums at PPM. Download the latest version of Phobos Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Phobos and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! VectorIV, the leader of Zero Hour Enhanced, has been busy recently working on it and shared its progress report with us. For those who are not acquainted with it, Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here is what was posted about it:

We've now reached the conclusion of the first batch of PLA's vehicles and tanks update.

This update features all-new units never seen before in ZHE's history, wow! (not that there's much to surpass in terms of variety.)

With the introduction of CSK-131 and ZBD-04A, the PLA now have more options in early raiding or map control whereas it only had the unarmed Troop Crawler. In addition to that, the debut of ZTZ-96B MBT would greatly aid the PLA in the fight against NATO's once-dominant Abrams MBT without having to mass-produce the late-game Overlord Super-heavy Tank or Tank Hunter squad.

The tide of war is about to change.

PLA CSK-131 'Warrior' Light Protected Vehicle is the PLAGF's most trusted fast attack vehicle, capable of performing various roles such as mass transportation, reconnaissance, or raiding operations. Originally derived from Humvee, it's now exclusively designed by China and only serves China for the good of China.

Armaments: QJC-88 12.7mm air-defense heavy machine gun

PLA ZTZ-96B 'Tigress' Main Battle Tank is the final evolution of the PLAGF's series of 2nd generation tanks. Contrary to its former self, the ZTZ-88, it packs a punch with a 125 mm smoothbore gun while sacrificing its mass production trait. Despite that, the PLA can still produce them in a rather huge number thanks to the worker's revolution.

It has become so feared by its adversaries that the experts have coined the term 'tigressphobia' for this phenomenon. I know what you're thinking, isn't this just a feminized version of 'tigerphobia'? The experts said no, this is a totally unique phenomenon that hasn't happened before and any correlation to that is just pure coincidence and you're just plain wrong.

Mounting the ZTZ-96B with an optional QJC-88 HMG gunner increases its effectiveness against enemy infantry, vehicle, attack helicopter, and low-flying aircraft while also increasing the line of sight.

Doesn't come equipped with pre-installed smoke grenade dischargers but they can become available via a local upgrade. Despite that fact, ZTZ-96B can still use its engine as a smoke screen generator to create a small smoke screen surrounding it in case of an emergency.

It's also able to be equipped with an upgradable armor skirt to further increase its endurance.

Armaments: ZPT-98 125mm smoothbore gun (with upgradable GP125 125mm anti-tank guided missile), Type-86 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and (upgradable) pintle-mounted QJC-88 12.7mm air-defense machine gun.

PLA ZBD-04A 'Macaque' Infantry Fighting Vehicle is the bane of enemy infantry and light vehicles in every frontline. Being equipped with more than three anti-personal weapons, it has outperformed its aging rival, M2 'Bradley', when it comes to soft target fatality.

Like the CSK-131, it can also transport troops to the frontline in mass with utmost speed.

It can also perform light anti-tank operations but lacks the required impact to take out enemy tanks completely which its rival fairs far better in.

In case of emergency, the ZBD-04A can use the equipped smoke grenade dischargers to cover its timely retreat or to support friendly troops in advancing into the enemy position.

Armaments: 2A70 100mm rifled gun (with upgradable 3UBK10 100mm anti-tank guided missile), ZPT-99 30mm automatic cannon and Type-86 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

What does this mean for the ZTZ-88A from the first update in this series, you asked, now that gun-launched missile is a thing. The ZTZ-88A has gotten a minor rework as well visually speaking to better match its IRL counterpart and it has also gained an upgradable GP105 105mm anti-tank guided missile as the same ZTZ-96B and ZBD-04A.

And that is all for this update. We're currently about 4 update series away from content creation completion then it's probably very near to a release. Until next time when I'm back from break because I sure could use one.

You can learn more about Zero Hour Enhanced by visiting the ModDB Profile. And this is all we can offer for today regarding Zero Hour Enhanced!

Welcome back, commander! mtkii (also known as Danielovich), the leader of Red Alert 20XX, has published a new version of Red Alert 20XX called Red Alert 20XX 1.06a.BUGFIX1. For those who are not aware, Red Alert 20XX is a modification for Yuri\'s Revenge that brings his perspective of an ideal Red Alert 2. This excludes Yuri as a faction, brings a more useful infantry, less cartoonish palettes, more visual effects, less questionable technologies, and more coherent sub-factions, with the USA, European Union, and The Pacific Shogunate for the Allies and USSR, China, and the Eastern Republic for the Soviets. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Red Alert 20XX 1.06a.BUGFIX1:

Hi commanders,

Summer is hard on modding, but I managed to make a bugfix patch for the latest version of Red Alert 20XX. While smaller in scope, this update gives some much-needed polish to the mod, mostly thanks to the newest build version of Phobos. But it also packs a few goodies, for good measure. Let dive right into it, shall we (also, why not get it to download here while you read, huh?).

= Version 1.0.6a.BUGFIX1 full changelog =

1. General mod change

-New single-player content: the China Challenge map is now available from the campaign menu, now playable with the Soviets;
-Upgraded the mod to Phobos Build 28;

-New skirmish option : Spy versus spy, where both faction can build Spies. Only available in skirmish mode;

2. Unit changes

-The Hover Harvester is now amphibious since the engine has trouble fusing the hover and the harvester logic together (it caused multiplayer desync, the unit got stuck in the WF, and it had bad pathfinding);

-New Mammoth Tank model, by Crazy Bird. It can be seen in action here;

3. Visual changes

-Thanks to Phobos, added building previews when placing a structure;

-New muzzle animations for both normal and elite machine guns;
-The Atlas Cannon SW has a new impact animation, by pap11404;
-Restricted the screen shaking effect to where the player's screen is (for most warheads with this effect);

4. Balance and bugfixes

-All buildings' sight has been extended by 2 cells;
-Fixed the Arthemis Launcher's weird behavior by changing the way it works, code-wise;

-Thanks to Phobos, helicopters will now turn toward their target, instead of firing without taking direction into account;
-Finally fixed the bug where Allied artillery units would get too close to the target when given an attack move command;
-Thanks to the newest version of Phobos, the Divine Wind will now lose 40% speed after attacking, as it was initially envisioned;
-Fixed the following bugs in the China Challenge Map: some civilian vehicles would "attack" the base once damaged, one bunker was not properly garrisoned and the text for the fast victory was messed up;
-Fixed a visual bug on animated jumpjet units such as the Pirhana and the Twinblade;
-Fixed the Fenrir APC using attack voices for move command.


I hope you'll enjoy this smaller-sized update, while I get my ducks in order to seriously start on version 1.0.6b of the mod. Until then, take care and see you soon folks.

Danielovich7 out.

For further information about Red Alert 20XX, visit the ModDB Profile. Red Alert 20XX is available for download Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Red Alert 20XX and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Howdy! A new version of Shattered Paradise has been released recently by their team. For those who are not familiar with it, Shattered Paradise is an RTS game created with OpenRA that is inspired by the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun universe, featuring 5 factions: GDI, Nod, C.A.B.A.L., Mutants, and Scrin. Here are the goodies that comes with Shattered Paradise Release-20220529:


New version release-20220529

Marines, Militants, Marauders, Cyborgs and Razorsharks of Shattered Paradise,

it has been 5 long months since the last release but now we are finally ready and proud to present the biggest update Shattered Paradise has ever seen. New unit models, new voicelines, new effects, visual improvements, adjusted maps, new content, a new selection UI and also a new production method including a massive balance overhaul will be featured in this update.

New Models

We have updated our Titan model (made by areaSZ)

New Effects

Our fellow community member dnqbob has updated some of our visuals such as GDI and C.A.B.A.L. aircraft

Visual Improvements

We have adjusted the palette color of our Scrin vehicles to increase the visibility through a typical Scrin Army


We have implemented upgrades into Shattered Paradise to compliment each faction and increase the variety of tactics and build orders. Each faction unlocks 3 upgrades on Tier 2 (Radar tech) and 3 ugrades on Tier 3 (Tech Center tech) respectively.

The New Selection UI

We are very proud to present our newest tool for Shattered Paradise that might even see implementation into the staple roaster of all OpenRA mods. It is our new selection UI being able to feature all unit stats including:

  • Health Points

  • Armor Type

  • Damage

  • Vision Range

  • Attack Range, separated into anti-ground and anti-air

  • Explosion Radius

  • Movement Speed

  • Power Output/Usage

  • Reload Delay

  • Scrin Shield HP

  • Mind Control Count

  • Carrier Drone Count

  • Harvester Capacity and value of Tiberium in it

  • Unit Cargo

  • Upgrades (researched upgrades will be shown in color)

  • Amount of additional units selected above what is shown

MustaphaTR has all the stats covered with his new code.

The New Direction of Shattered Paradise

We have decided to change Shattered Paradise's method of production from SingleQueue to MultiQueue. This means that multiple production structures will no longer speed up the build times of assets but rather provide additional building queues to produce the respective assets simultaneously.

MustaphaTR was able to implement this new method via the lobby option checkbox. The new checkbox called “MultiQueue” is activated by default. However, if you prefer to play Shattered Paradise with its old production method of SingleQueue you can simply turn this lobby option off.

The following lobby options have been added:

  • Limit Super Weapons checkbox

  • MultiQueue checkbox

  • Upgrades checkbox

First was something Romanov's Vengeance and a few other mods MustaphaTR has worked on already had, so we added it here too. While we want MultiQueue to be the preferred production method for Shattered Paradise, we also added the option to disable it and return to the old SingleQueue if you prefer it that way. Note that disabling the option does not revert any balance changes that were made to account for MultiQueue, so the balance with this option will be a bit off. Third one again, a new thing that you can disable if you want. Disabling Upgrades restores GDI Power Turbines as a plug from the Defense queue and makes Scrin Radar automatically enable Glider's mode switch.

We have adjusted literally every asset in the Shattered Paradise by giving each a customized build time as an additional balance method while also improving the balance overall. We have also implemented a new speed level system where each unit has a speed that is a multiple of 15 to classify them into their own speed category.

We have also added a new 2v2 map called Tiberium Forest while also improving already existing maps.

The entire changelog can be read here. You can download the new version from the links below.

Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X (Mono)

For further information about Shattered Paradise, visit the Forums at PPM. Shattered Paradise is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Shattered Paradise!

Hello everyone! A new version of Open Hard Vacuum has been released recently by their crew. For those who are not aware, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics.
Here are the changes and the fun stuff from OpenHV Release 20220526:


Bomber drone pods are remote controlled bombs that can demolish enemy buildings.

Hacker pods can deploy and generate income when resources become scarce.

Flame pods are churning out flames with a lot of splash damage.

Elite pods are airborne warriors and meant to be end-game units.

We added new dirt tiles with optional tracks...

to mark roads on various terrain.

We also added industrial looking tiles.

There is now an experimental no build zones for mappers also featured in the first tutorial mission.

What are these?

Various civilian props have been added to decorate maps.

Including these two towers:

A new symmetrical 2v2 map was added to the rooster:

For larger battles, a new 3v3 map was painstakingly tiled:

OpenHV is now also available as a Linux Flatpak

The full changelog is available on GitHub with some additional standalone installers.

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit the Official Website. Open Hard Vacuum is downloadable at This Address. And that's all regarding Open Hard Vacuum for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Open Hard Vacuum!

Hello everyone! The leader of Tiberian Dawn Redux, sgtmyers88, has recently released Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5. For those who are not aware, Tiberian Dawn Redux is a total conversion for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour that brings the Tiberian Dawn universe into it. The changes from Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5 were announced with the following words:


Back after 4 years, C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux version 1.5 is now available to download! This version adds many new features including naval warfare and much more polished gameplay along with updated graphics and scenery for an even more immersive experience!

A new GDI Orca Button Icon, a sampling of the user interface overhaul done in this update.

Nod Base with several new models and all new terrain.



Both GDI & Nod story campaign missions completed and debugged with their respective videos
A SPEC OPS campaign with a few bonus missions based on console ports of the original C&C
Completely new terrain textures, shaders, water, & shrubbery for the skirmish maps & campaign missions
Enhanced & updated particle effects
Button icon cameo images have been mostly redone
New sound effects
New repair/build cursors with keyboard shortcuts enabled to make building/repairs less tedious
New guard & follow ability. You can now order units to guard and follow a specific unit or structure
Added special build range indicators for ConYard constructed buildings
Nod Artillery vehicle speed slightly decreased, also deploys before firing with a 2 second delay
Updated Grenadier model and animations
Updated GDI & Nod Commando model and animations
Updated GDI & Nod Engineer model
Technician finally has a visible pistol & shooting animation with its new model
Splash damage radius reduced for most weapons
Engineers now have a special "repair" range indicator
APC's now have a special "heal" range indicator
Adv. Mammoth Tank now has a RailGun upgrade
Adv. Abrams Medium Tank now has an autoloader (faster firing rate)
APC machine gun firing burst rate decreased (does not apply to Assault APC)
APC HP/Armor increased (does not apply to Assault APC)
Artillery/MRLS HP & Armor increased
GDI GunBoat missile weapon damage & range slightly reduced
GDI GunBoat can deploy anti-ship mines
All base defenses rebalanced with similar weapon/vision ranges (except Obelisk and AGT)
Game economy reworked, both Tiberium $ value and Harvester holding value reduced
New Bradley (Light Tank) Model
New Humvee Model
New C-130 Transport Aircraft Model
New C-17 Transport Aircraft Model
New A-10 Warthog Model
New MRLS Model
New Guard Tower Model
New Hovercraft Transport Model
Reworked Tiberium Refinery & Tiberium Silo Models
Special logos added to Talon and Black Hand ConYard's for easier identification
Several other existing unit & structure models have been reworked & retextured with new details
New Nod Missile Submarine
New Tech Naval Yard that can build either a Hovercraft Transport, GDI GunBoat, or Nod Missile Submarine
Red Alert Era Attack Dog included as an Easter Egg
Battlefront Temperate Skirmish Map rebalanced along with being increased to 4 players
Coral Beach Skirmish Map rebalanced & restored to 4 players
Dynamite Dunes Skirmish Map rebalanced
AI & Framerate improvements to the Tiberium Gardens Skirmish Map
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI SPEC OPS #1
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #8
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #15
AI & Framerate improvements to Nod Mission #13
Rescripted Nod SPEC OPS #1 (AOD mission) to not last as long and reduced the number of attack waves

The GDI GunBoat is now buildable and can also deploy mines.

The Brotherhood of Nod's stealthy Missile Submarine which can also fire torpedoes at enemy naval forces.

Another little detail was also added to the ConYard's of the Black Hand and Talon Subfactions which helps with easier identification of who you are up against. Their respective logo will be displayed on top of the roof. (homage to the C&C pre-release imagery)

The Adv. Mammoth Tank with its Armor and RailGun Upgrades

New Skirmish/Multiplayer Community Maps:

Island Conflict (2p)
Krakatau Island (2p)
River Warfare (2p)
Small Villages (2p)
Eastern Front (2p)
Power Play (4p)

Skirmish/Multiplayer Maps that now include Naval Warfare:

Bombardment Beach (2p)
Coastal Carnage (2p)
Cold Shores (2p)
Island Conflict (2p)
Island Defense (2p)
Krakatau Island (2p)
Seaside Mutiny (2p)
Flash Effect (3p)
Atlantic Boardwalk (4p)
Coral Beach (4p)
Dark Mountain (4p)
Tournament A (4p)
Tournament B (4p)
Tournament Continent (4p)
Tournament Island (4p)
Armored Fury (6p)

ConYard Build Radius Demo Clip - Mod DB

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux: New Guard, Heal & Repair Abilities Demo - Mod DB


Also feel free to follow the development of
C&C Red Alert Redux

Also for those interested, here is a brand new Discord Server launched exclusively for the Mod. There is a sub-category for RA Redux. Feel free to share the link as it is non-expiring.

It has been brought to my attention some popular third party software for the game or using custom video resolutions can cause issues with a "black bar" rendering in-game. A workaround is to use the modified GameData.ini with DrawEntireTerrain enabled. It goes in the games Data/INI folder. See the link below.


If you are curious about Tiberian Dawn Redux, visit the ModDB Profile to obtain further information about it. Download Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5 Here. And that's all regarding Tiberian Dawn Redux for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Tiberian Dawn Redux!

Contra X - News Update April 2022
April 27, 2022 - 09:40
The staff from Contra has recently shared some bits of the recent progress done on their project. For those who are not familiar with it, Contra is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that redefines the experience of the game with new units, new graphics, and adds generals powers. It adds 3 new generals, it also improves the AI greatly and introduces super units, among many other gameplay changes, balance changes, and bug fixes. Here is what was posted about it:

Hello all!!!

After some time, we are back with an update. Along with so many balance changes and visual improvements, we are also introducing a brand new unit that belongs to Airforce General family.

M113 is a rank1 transport vehicle, well-armed with M61 Vulcan weapon effective both vs infantry, light vehicles, and air units.

Not only you will be able to transport safely infantry to any side of the map, you are also able to engage any soldiers in your way. Defending vs. GLA is now easier, Quad Tank and some other "problematic" units won`t drive through your base like they are in their backyard.

Airforce mirror match is now much more enjoyable. Thanks to M113, King raptor is moved back to rank3 with old firepower.

Model, texture and main code: dce
Additional coding and bug fixing: ThePredatorBG
In game cameo: tria
Lines and voice: Matthew_Vanston
In game clips: Marakar

For further information about Contra, visit the Official Website. And that's all regarding Contra for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Contra!